All the benefits of Office 365 combined with CloudTitan’s customer support

Office 365 makes it possible to run your business easily from the Cloud, providing you with access to your applications and files from virtually anywhere. Office 365 has different plans to meet the needs of small, medium, and large-size businesses – providing a solution for businesses of all sizes.

Office 365 and CloudTitan

CloudTitan offers Office 365 packages along with CloudTitan’s personalized and dedicated support. Choose Office 365 as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with your CloudTitan Cloud Workspace.

With CloudTitan Cloud Workspace, we manage your end users’ cloud solutions and provide them with access to their applications anytime, anywhere. Our role is to ensure that your clients’ applications and data are backed up and maintained; however, you can stay in control of the technology via CloudTitan’s control panel. We provide support through the installation and as always, are here to answer any questions you have before, during and after the installation.

Why Choose Office 365

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Access to the latest online versions of all the Office

Edit and share files in real-time

Access from any device or browser

Provide employees with roaming access to documents and applications

CloudTitan delivers a secure, reliable and high-performing Cloud experience for your desktop solution. Find out more today.

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