Business reliance on a connected workforce and the continued trend of BYOD has put pressure on companies to migrate their physical infrastructure, applications, and workspaces to the Cloud.

More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits that accommodate migrating their systems to cloud desktops; advantages including, reduced costs, instant mobile workforce and enhanced productivity and collaboration between team members. Some companies are hesitant to migrate their desktops to the Cloud due to the labor-intensive nature of recreating infrastructure, applications and desktop workloads in the Cloud. CloudTitan has made it easier.


CloudTitan seamlessly migrates all components of on-premise corporate IT systems, desktops, and software applications into one simple solution in the Cloud.

The Cisco Cloud Index indicates, “By 2017, nearly two-thirds of all workloads will be processed in the Cloud”.

Trust CloudTitan to develop a solution for your clients and move them to the Cloud with ease.

CloudTitan Features

Automated Migration

Reduces the resources associated with migrating IT systems.

Migrate Files and Folders

From client’s on-premise server to the Cloud instantaneously.

Automatic Discovery

Of workstation and complete Cloud evaluation.

Instant Deployment

Of users, servers and applications.

Real-Time Access

To client data migration progress and customer support issues.

Increased Scalability

Plus resource allocation with concurrent multiple migrations.

Easy-to-Use Interface

To manage users, applications and client’s servers.

On Demand

Access to detailed billing for all clients.

CloudTitan offers FREE migration and will transition your organization to the Cloud without any additional expenses. When regulatory policy is a concern, CloudTitan is certified to meet security and compliance regulations, relieving your organization of this critical, expensive, and time consuming part of your operation.
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