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Matter Center 365 enables practice management for legal professionals to work and securely collaborate on matters and documents fully integrated with Office 365

Spend more time on your legal argument and less on your document management with Matter Center 365, the flexible and intuitive case management solution for lawyers and business professionals.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Matter Center 365 is available on your PC, tablet and phones, across Windows, Apple and Android devices, and allows you to access matters and documents either online or offline using OneDrive for Business.

Real-time Collaboration

Using the automatic version control feature of Office 365, you can simultaneously edit documents with multiple people inside or outside your organization.

Intuitive Search and Data Visualization

You can easily search, preview and find matters and related documents across all cases directly within Outlook and Word. Power BI can be configured to visualize your matter data.

Pinning and Tagging

You can track or pin frequently used matters and documents, and connect to Delve to provide personalized experiences about who on your team is working on them.

Compliance with Security Standards

Matter Center 365 allows you to control who can access, review or edit a document and provides all the same enterprise-grade security, management and administrative controls as Office 365.

Better Flexibility and Control

Matter Center 365 can be built or extended to meet your specific organization’s needs faster; because all law firms have its custom way of practice management. It’s what makes you unique.

Use Cases for Lawyers

Spend less time focusing on document management, and more time on legal arguments

Matter Center 365 helps reduce the amount of administrative resources needed to support a document management system, enabling legal and business professionals to spend more time working on their cases.

Engage with clients better, faster and more efficiently

Legal and business professionals can securely collaborate, both internally and externally by simultaneously working on their documents with other attorneys or clients, and easily tracking changes with automatic version control. You are able to do more, faster.

Have more confidence with sensitive information

With secured access and permission controls, Matter Center 365 automatically applies document attributes, permissions, and version control. In addition, internal and external team members or clients can be granted or excluded access to a matter and its associated documents, thereby reducing the worry about data leakage.

Reduce overhead, enhance productivity and have the ability to work anywhere, anytime

Matter Center 365 is all about efficient collaboration. Work across time zones, geographical boundaries and have entire team access a single document at once and review each other’s comments. Plus, with briefcase in the cloud, Matter Center 365 can harness OneDrive for Business, providing 25 TB of individual storage which automatically synchronizes personal work documents so they can be accessed online and offline from any device.

Key Features

Simple, intuitive and lives in the tools you use the most

Seamlessly ties Office 365, Sharepoint and OneDrive into one easy-to-use central location, accessible from any device, anywhere. Because Matter Center is integrated with Office 365, users will have the ability to leverage all the collaborative features the platform offers, including workflows, simultaneous co-authoring of documents, the ability to “follow” content and integration with Yammer, OneNote for Business and Lync.

A secure enterprise-grade cloud-based platform

Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. It has built-in capabilities such as permissions, versioning control, eDiscovery, and records management to ensure documents are managed, controlled, archived and can be retrieved in one place with reduced overhead.

Get work done from anywhere at anytime

You can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere — PC, Mac, tablets, and most mobile devices and they’re always up to date. Collaborate on matters with teammates, share documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.

Store, access, and share documents securely from anywhere

OneDrive for Business is your online briefcase. With 25 TB of Cloud storage, you can store and access your matter documents at any time online or offline, and securely share them internally with your team or externally with clients. Reduce the amount of paper you need to carry and the time spent searching for the latest version of documents.

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