The Official Dell vWorkspace Migration Program

By Cloud Titan

In April 2016, Dell announced that it no longer is continuing the vWorkspace.

As a vWorkspace customer or resller, what are your choices?

Migrate to CloudTitan For Free!

Migrate your customer’s from Dell vWorkspace to the unlimited support and paramount flexibility of CloudTitan’s Cloud Workspace – switch today and take advantage of our free migration and server buyback!

A Better Choice for vWorkspace Migration

If you sell DaaS solutions to your customers but need a new provider, we can help.

With Dell no longer selling vWorkspace licenses and a redundant future on their horizon, your customers need a better solution for their virtualized desktop and application needs. CloudTitan’s robust Cloud Workspace offers advanced features that improve workplace flexibility and productivity.

Migrate your customers to CloudTitan for free today and we will buy back their servers for equal credit to guarantee the best value for their DaaS move.

Upgrade to CloudTitan’s Cloud Workspace

Free Migration & Server Buyback

CloudTitan’s free migration services make it easy and hassle free to move to a new DaaS solution. With no additional costs to switch, we offer equal credit server exchange and set your customers up with their own private Cloud.

Advanced DaaS Features

Our robust Cloud Workspace platform improves workplace productivity and performance, and far surpasses features offered by Dell. Which means your customers will enjoy even more freedom to work on the go.

Unlimited Support

The burden of IT management is an around the clock task and your customers can’t rely on Dell’s limited and soon to be extinct support. Our 24/7 support will ensure a timely response to keep your customer’s business running smoothly.

Dell vWorkspaces vs Cloud Titan Work Spaces

Dell vWorkspacesCloud Titan Work Spaces
On-Premises Deployment

CAPex model

Legacy, requires internal IT staff for management and support

Hosted Deployment

OPex Model

Flexible, customizable and scalable

Applications support

1000+ apps



Basic compute, RAM and storage



Hypervisor-agnostic platform

Users-first design

Powerful API and white-label facilities

Single-pane-of-glass admin tools (provisioning, systems management, automation)

High-performance HTML5 client

Linux or Microsoft compatible



Support (All Included)

Managed Backups (daily)

Managed apps

Updates and security patching

Free migration




Bring your own cloud (public cloud or private cloud)

Key Modules


Monitoring and control functions


Access to desktops, applications and data from virtually any device at any time, providing mobility and flexibility


To remote users over any broadband network, including 3G & 4G mobile networks


Compliance and back-office ready with reporting and auditing features


Why CloudTitan?

Reduce IT Costs:

Decrease operational costs and capital expenditures.

Improve Security:

Centralized management over data, as well as data back-ups and secure data storage of a managed provider.

Flexibility and Scalability:

More flexibility to grow and scale; pay-per-use.

Increased Productivity:

Benefit from reduced overhead and increased productivity from a flexible work environment.

Fast Execution:

Onboard employees instantly.

Migrate to CloudTitan today.

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