Businesses of all sizes are choosing a Cloud-based hosted virtual desktop for their IT services.

CloudTitan provides a high-quality Cloud desktop experience by combining corporate IT systems, desktops, and software applications into one simple solution to enhance business productivity by giving users secure, high-performance cloud access to documents, applications and resources from any device.

A Cloud Workspace is a fully managed, virtual desktop hosted in the Cloud. Users can login to their workspace from a device, anywhere, anytime and have access to the same workspace regardless of what device they are using – with a user experience similar to that of a traditional PC desktop solution.

Eliminate the up-front infrastructure costs and the expenses of maintaining, patching, and managing a physical desktop environment by hosting in CloudTitan’s state-of-the-art, Tier 3 data center.

CloudTitan delivers a secure, reliable and high-performing Cloud experience for your desktop solution. Find out more today.

Why a Cloud Workspace

Demand for cloud-based services is skyrocketing, as is the pressure that employees are putting on companies to have access to business software via the Cloud using a variety of devices.

This demand is challenging businesses to provide a secure and reliable way to deliver desktops and applications to multiple devices whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. End users are increasingly working on-the-go from multiple devices, some company-owned and some not, from various places within and outside the corporate network.


By 2018, more than 60% of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure on Cloud-based platforms. Why do more businesses faced with reevaluating their desktop strategies, trust CloudTitan for their Cloud Workspace?

Reduce IT Costs

Decrease operational costs and capital expenditures.

Enhanced Mobility

Secure, high-performance access to the office from any location.

Improve Security

Centralized management over data, as well as data back-ups and secure data storage of a managed provider.

Flexibility and Scalability

More flexibility to grow and scale; pay-per-use.

Environmental Solution

Reduce energy by using fewer machines and equipment.

Increased Productivity

Benefit from reduced overhead and increased productivity from a flexible work environment.

Enhanced Collaboration

Real-time access to documents helps for collaboration.

Fast Execution

Onboard employees instantly.

Support When You Need It

We know that the burden of IT management is a round the clock task.  Our Cloud Workspace Support Team is ready to manage every aspect of your platform for you.  We will ensure a timely response that will keep your business running smoothly.

Unlimited Support

We’re here 24/7 to manage your IT needs

Located in the US

Our Tier 3 Data Center and Support Team are both located in the US and Canada

Compliance Is Key

We are ready to launch solutions that include HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI

Optimize Your Cloud Workspace Journey

Choose the Workspace that is Right for You.  Our Sales Team is ready to help you build a custom solution to meet your business and IT needs.

Visit our Cloud.  Explore your options with a member of our Sales Team ready to answer your questions.

Sign Up.  With online billing and 24/7 support, there is no better time than now.

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