Matter Center 365 Early Adopter Program

Exclusive Savings on Matter Center 365 and Office 365

Limited to the first 100 law firms to sign up!

The Most Secure, Intuitive and Efficient Document Management Solution for Legal Professionals

Engage with clients and other attorneys better, faster and more effectively. Matter Centre for Office 365 enables you to:

  • Work securely and collaborate on matters and documents.
  • Simultaneously edit documents with multiple people inside and outside your organization.
  • Easily search, preview and find matters and related documents across all cases directly within Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Have access to matters and documents anywhere, anytime.

For the first 100 law firms, we are offering a special introductory price of $50/user for Matter Center and 15% off the retail price of Office 365. Sign up for the Early Adopter Program now to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Sign up for the Early Adopter Program to save $20 per user on Matter Center 365 and receive 15% off Office 365!

Matter Center 365: $70/user $50/user (Savings of $20/user) + 15% Off Office 365

Early Adopter Program

  • Invite-only access to Matter Center 365
  • Includes Office 365 at 15% below retail pricing shown at
  • $50 per user for Matter Center 365
  • Receive two free customizations for your unique law firm practices

Hurry! Offer Only Available for the First 100 Law Offices That Sign Up!

How Do Customizations Work?

No two legal firms operate the same. With the Early Adopter Program, we will provide two free customizations to accommodate your unique business processes including:

  • Case management,
  • Task management,
  • Time tracking,
  • Permission settings,
  • Matter workflows, and
  • Compliance requirements

Opt-in to the Early Adopter Program now to receive FREE Matter Center 365 customizations!

CEO Billy Forte talks about creating a vertical-specific Cloud solution to meet the needs of the Legal industry.

Legal professionals have a weighty list of must-haves, both to succeed in representing cases, and to meet the complex, and non-negotiable structural, filing, and regulatory requirements of the industry.

What would it take to create a vertical-specific Cloud solution that would meet the needs of such a demanding industry? Luckily, a road map for partnership and recycling delivered an answer.

Are you interested in joining the Early Adopter Program to receive 15% off Office 365 and save $20 per user on Matter Center?

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