As a Telco, you pride yourself on establishing solid relationships with your clients and as a result, becoming their trusted partner.

Why let someone else benefit from the recurring revenue associated with Cloud services, when you can manage this for them.


Fully Managed
Services Support

Trust CloudTitan to provide your customers with a high-quality Managed Cloud Workspace and best-in-class 24/7 customer support, making it easier for you to deliver a complete Cloud solution for your customers while you enjoy a new and recurring revenue stream for your business, with up to 20% commission rates.

Help Your Clients
Transform Its Business

Cloud Titan helps Telcos transition businesses of all sizes from premise-based IT infrastructure to Cloud-delivered apps, desktops and entire corporate IT systems.



Highly Secured and
Comprehensive Performance

CloudTitan provides a high-quality Cloud Workspace experience by combining corporate IT systems, desktops, and software applications into one simple solution to enhance business productivity by giving users secure, high-performance through its Tier 3 data center giving you the confidence that you are providing a best-in-class service to your customers.

CloudTitan makes it easier for Telcos to deliver a complete Cloud solution for customers – providing better value and customer support. CloudTitan offers the option of a Managed Cloud Workspace or a Fully Managed Cloud Workspace – tailored to your customers’ needs which includes migration and Tier 3 support – including 24/7 phone support for any tier issue. Enjoy new and recurring revenue stream for your business with up to 20% commission rates.

Onboarding a client has never been so easy, with CloudTitan’s 5-Step Onboarding Process for a seamless client experience:

  1. Log into the control panel
  2. Set up your client’s account
  3. Set up role groups and users
  4. Choose your business applications
  5. Go live

CloudTitan’s channel partner program includes:

  • Customer Cloud assessment tools
  • Immediate virtual migration onboarding
  • Administrative portals to manage customer accounts
  • 24/7 Tier 1, 2 and 3 customer and onsite support
  • Back-up and replication for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Fewer customer support tickets
  • New and recurring revenue stream
  • Up to 20% commission rates

Start delivering Cloud desktops now, and leave the work to us. Contact us and become a CloudTitan Partner today.

Become a CloudTitan Partner today.

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