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How does Microsoft manage legal documents and matters?

Matter Center was originally created by Microsoft to help its own global legal teams control matter details and document management.  Further developed by CloudTitan, Matter Center 365 is now available for all law firms and legal departments as part of their Office 365 services.

Why Choose Matter Center 365 For Your Practice?

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Available on your PC, Mac, tablet and phones, across Windows, Apple and Android devices, and allows you to access matters and documents either online or offline using OneDrive for Business and File Explorer.

Automatic Document Versioning

Using the automatic version control feature of Office 365, you can simultaneously edit documents with multiple people, all while automatically creating a new version that is viewable and restorable each time you save.

Outlook and Office Integration

Seamless Outlook and Office integration means you never need to relearn how to use a new system.  Work within the tools you know to create documents and associate email contents to your matter library.

Pinning and Tagging

You can track or pin frequently used matters and documents, and connect to Delve to provide personalized experiences about who on your team is working on them.

Attorney Conflict Check

Avoid work that could result in a conflict, damaging client relationships and even resulting in malpractice lawsuits, by using the built-in Attorney conflict check.

Secure Client Portals

Matter Center 365 allows you to control who can view or edit a document and provides all the same enterprise-grade security and administrative controls as Office 365.

With the Limited Invite Program, get customizations to accommodate your unique business processes

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