A Digital Workplace Tool Selection Exercise: Microsoft vs. Best of Breed

(CMS Wire March 2017) Building a digital workplace poses challenges to any business. But those in regulated industries, such as law firms, have specific needs which add an extra layer of complexity. It’s why best-of-breed solutions like Matter Center 365 are critical for meeting those needs.

Legal Industry in the Cloud: Building a Niche-Specific Solution

(October 2016 – Cloud Computing Magazine) Legal professionals have a weighty list of must-haves, both to succeed in representing cases, and to meet the complex, and non-negotiable structural, filing, and regulatory requirements of the industry.

Matter Center, Microsoft’s Practice Management Platform, Now Available in the Cloud

(July 2016 – LawSites) It’s been a long, strange road for Matter Center for Office 365, Microsoft’s practice management platform, but there is good news at last, as it finally becomes available in the cloud to law firms of any size.

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