CloudTitan Creates the First Multi-Tenant Solution for Microsoft’s Matter Center for Office 365

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 (Jacksonville, FA – July 11, 2016)CloudTitan, a leader in channel-only Cloud Automation Services, has announced the availability of the first multi-tenant solution for Microsoft’s Legal Practice and Case Management solution, Matter Center for Office 365.

Matter Center represents a breakthrough for legal professionals and service providers. It has an intuitive interface, simplifies processes, and can be accessed directly from Microsoft Office Outlook or Word add-ins that most legal and business professionals use every day. It satisfies the productivity needs of legal and business professionals while reducing training and support efforts from IT staff.

“We are proud to be able to not only bring the full functionality of Microsoft’s Matter Center for Office 365 solution to our channel and managed solution partners, but also extend the functionality in a significant way,” said Billy Forte, CloudTitan CEO.  “Not only does this solution deliver superior performance to the legal industry, it now provides valuable features such as built-in file level disaster recovery, time tracking, Quickbooks integrations, and rapid provisioning.”

Exceptional Productivity Gains for Legal Industry

The expanded solution platform delivers many mission-critical benefits to legal professionals, including:

  • Matter Center’s cloud-hosted platform can be accessed from any device, as well as providing on and off-line capabilities;
  • Real-time collaboration – teams can work remotely and in synch to produce and manage documents;
  • Pinning and tagging capabilities allow for the seamless organization, prioritization, and personalization of materials;
  • Security standards compliance and control – Matter Center provides enterprise-grade security, management and access controls, plus the ability to manage access and edit documents;
  • Custom configuration – Matter Center offers customization options to fit enterprise needs;
  • Microsoft Channel Service Providers, Manager Service Providers Have Expanded Options.


Matter Center for Office 365 delivers increased revenue and relationship opportunities for CSPs and MSPs by delivering:

  • Office 365 simplified and bundled solution offerings for deeper integration into the Office 365 environment;
  • Fully multi-tenant hosted solutions, with back-up, recovery, and third-party application integration;
  • Expanded ability to offer profitable, performance-driven solutions to the legal and professional services community.


About CloudTitan

CloudTitan, the national leader in channel only cloud automation services, was founded in 2015. Under the leadership of CEO Billy Forte, the company is focused on increasing the speed in which Microsoft channel and managed service providers implement state of the art cloud services for their clients through cloud solutions.  CloudTitan prides itself on creating custom solutions for each of its partners, allowing them to offer new technologies quickly without changing internal processes. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.




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